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Commercial Reclaim Ltd Are The UK’s Leading Experts At Recovering Funds Taken By The Energy Suppliers

£2.2 Trillion Owed To UK Businesses…

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With no regulator in the energy broker market, OFGEM estimates that over 90% of energy contracts placed by energy suppliers via brokers are mis-sold. Our mission is to return all the money taken from every UK business. Commercial Reclaim Ltd are the passionate leading UK experts helping UK businesses everywhere.

Insurance Agent

Commercial Reclaim Ltd are the UK’s leading experts

Our founder used to work for one of the largest energy brokers in the country where he witnessed the unlawful tactics practiced by the energy brokers, who were wholly in collusion with the energy suppliers. 

He made it his life's mission to redress this corporate injustice, immediately resigned & refused all commissions. He then spent the following 15 months researching and establishing the most comprehensive understanding of the energy broker sector.

He discovered that both brokers and energy suppliers knowingly concealed hidden fees. He has subsequently created a proprietary process for quickly and precisely calculating YOUR company's claim value.

There are 5 robust indicators that YOUR business has been mis-sold energy therefore legally and ethically entitling you to 30-70% back of ALL your bills.


They offered long-term contracts as the most affordable, often not even providing you shorter-term tariffs.


They claimed to be scouring the market, but they essentially gave you one or two prices.


You did not pay a fee for the broker's services, and you had no idea how much they profited. You were informed that the energy supplier paid them or that the service was provided for free.


They attempted to renew or extend your contract more than 6 months before it was due to expire.


Throughout the procedure, you were not permitted to speak with the provider directly.

If you used a broker – You ARE entitled to a claim!

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