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Fine Details

And now for the boring details explaining how the big, powerful energy suppliers found themselves in this position in the first place…

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Deregulation of Energy Markets

Because of the deregulation of the energy market, brokers were able to offer commercial gas and electricity contracts without disclosing their commissions. Every year, an estimated £25 billion is concealed. Because the energy supplier is liable, you can avoid the broker and recoup on energy costs dating back up to 22 years directly from the source. To date, every energy supplier challenged has settled ALL claims out of court, with up to 70% of all energy bills returned.

With over 4500 brokers marketing energy solutions to businesses, the energy sector can be very complex. We uncovered a considerable number of cases of hidden charges and various forms of mis-selling in this over-crowded market.

They conceal their commission for good reason. These misleading statements about how energy brokers are paid are typically motivated by financial interests for themselves, not you, the paying customer.

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Brokers typically earned commission directly from energy suppliers, with the commission included into the unit price they give. This means you could well be paying commission each & every month.

It is not enough for the energy provider to notify you that a commission "may be payable." A generic remark such as "a commission may be paid in certain circumstances" is insufficient & deemed 'unlawful'.

They must advise you at the point of sale how much the commission is and whether it is paid monthly. Failure to do so is 'fraud'.

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When you use a broker, they have a fiduciary duty to act in your best interests, not their own. When crucial data and numbers are hidden, it is impossible to make an informed decision. To assure that your claim is resolved, we retrieve your money directly from the Supplier.

We can recover funds dating back to the year 2000 if your company can produce the relevant documents (historic bills & contracts).

King’s Counsel

Commercial Reclaim Ltd have been advised by a King’s Counsel barrister. KC is essentially the highest and most accurate order of legal advice given.

What is a King’s Counsel (KC)?

A King's Counsel (KC) is an advocate appointed by the monarch to be one of 'His Majesty's Counsel learned in the law' or a Queen's Counsel (QC) when the monarch is female.

King’s Counsel advice is to claim “Full Contract Rescission” and “Full Restitution” for expired contracts. This means the supplier and broker must not make a profit from the mis-represented contract and is required to repay those costs back to your business.

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